Please find information about my stage plays and films with the tabs above. 
Plays are listed as full length, one act (45 mins - 1 hour 20 mins) and short (5 mins - 25 mins). 

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in staging any of these as stage productions.

A little history; from 2008 to 2016 I ran Yorkshire based theatre company, Planet Rabbit Productions, which staged all of my scripts, and more from other writers, throughout the North of England. In 8 years we had staged & toured 23 plays and 4 events. 

In 2017 I began Xanadu Films in order to film my stage plays to reach a wider audience. As a non-funded theatre company Planet Rabbit struggled to tour beyond the North. 
Recently plans began to record the stage plays as radio plays to reach an audience on CD and online listening, with my new venture 'Rabbit Radio Playhouse'.

Prior to starting Planet Rabbit I worked throughout the UK as a stage manager, after training at RADA, from the early 90s until 2010, when I decided to focus on my writing & producing. For more information about my previous theatre work, please see Background and Credits pages on the Contact tab above.

I am working towards getting the 'plays-on-film' and 'plays-on-radio' available on dvd and CD as quickly as possible. These will become available to buy via here, as well as at the Xanadu Films and Rabbit Radio websites.

My play scripts will also be available as printed books shortly, to make them more readily available for theatre companies to purchase.

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