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2022: An Evening with Tommy Cannon. Producer. Goole Junction. (Tommy Cannon)

2022: Car Boot Carole. Short film. Writer/Dir/Prod. Xanadu Films. (Su Pollard)

2021: Ted's Shed. Short film. Writer/Dir/Prod. Xanadu Films. (Tommy Cannon)

2018: Let Sleeping Bags Lie. Feature film. Writer/Dir/Prod/Actor. Xanadu Films (Stan Boardman. Ken Morley. Michael Wardle)
2018: Blitz Bride. Feature film. Writer/Dir/Prod/Actor. Xanadu Films
2017: A Little in Tents. Feature film. Writer/Dir/Prod/Actor. Xanadu Films (Cannon & Ball. Duggie Brown. Albert Wilkinson. Michael Wardle)
2016: Easy Money. Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2015: Passing Strangers. Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2015: Star Makers. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2014: An Evening with Duggie Brown. Producer/Presenter. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Duggie Brown)

2014: Blitz Bride the Musical. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2014: A Little In Tents. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (2 outings) (Michael Wardle)
2013: Just Like Anthea. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2013: One Sunny Day. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2013: Mrs York's Shelter. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2012: Ovation Theatre Awards. Producer. Partington Theatre Glossop
2012: A Little In Tents. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Michael Wardle)
2012: I Want To Hold Your Hand. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour 
2012: Blitz Bride. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2011: Still Life. Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Michael Wardle, Ursula Holden Gill) 
2011: Ovation Theatre Awards. Producer. Halifax Square Chapel Centre for the Arts
2011: In The Bleak Midwinter. Director. Ovation event. Halifax Sq Chapel. (Emma Rydal, Ursula Holden Gill)
2011: Blitz Bride. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit. Buxton Festival Fringe & Northern tour
2011: Small Portions (6 short plays). Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit. Buxton Festival Fringe
2010: Ovation Theatre Awards. Producer. Whitby Pavilion Theatre
2010: Star Makers...Confessions from the boards. Writer/Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour 
2010: Elsie & Norm's Macbeth. Producer. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Roberta Kerr)
2010: Sorry, I Love You... Dir/Prod. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Michael Wardle)
2009/10: Peter Pan. DSM. Qdos/Hull New Theatre (Keith Harris & Orville, Paul Nicholas)
2009: Nightwatch. Writer/Dir/Prod. Milton Keynes Statonbury Theatre

2009: Bazaar & Rummage. Producer. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour
2009: Anorak of Fire. Producer. Planet Rabbit/Buxton Festival Fringe & Northern tour
2009: Standby on Stage Please! Writer/Dir/Producer. Planet Rabbit/Buxton Festival Fringe
2009: George, Don't Do That. Dir/Producer. Planet Rabbit/Buxton Festival Fringe & private functions
2008/9: Snow White. DSM.Qdos/Hull New Theatre (Vikki Michelle, Grumbleweeds, dir Peter Purves) 
2008: Night of a Thousand Laughs. SM. That's Ent/Blackpool North Pier (Cannon & Ball, Syd Little, Johnnie Casson, Jimmy Cricket)
2008: Groping for Words. Producer. Planet Rabbit/Northern tour (Peter Martin, Michael Wardle)
2007/8: Jack & The Beanstalk. DSM. Qdos/Hull New Theatre (Cannon & Ball, Nick Wilton)

2007: Cannon & Ball. Entertainment co-ordinator. Charity function. Manchester City Stadium
2006/7: Cinderella. DSM. Qdos/Hull New Theatre (Chuckle Brothers)

2006: The Message Trust Ball. SM. Charity function. Manchester
2006: Lytham's Big Night Out. SM. Lytham Lowther Pavilion (Cannon & Ball, Johnnie Casson)
2006: Funny Guys. Production SM. UK Tour (Cannon & Ball)
2005/6: Dick Whittington. DSM. Qdos/Hull New Theatre (Cannon & Ball)
2005: Funny Guys. SM. UK Tour (Cannon & Ball)
2004/5: Peter Pan. DSM. Qdos/Darlington Civic Theatre (Cannon & Ball, dir Maurice Thorogood)
2003/4: Cinderella. DSM. Midas-Qdos/Sunderland Empire (Darren Day, Syd Little, Jean Fergusson)
2003: Abba Mania. Tour Manager. UK Tour/International Artistes (Abba Forever)
2002/3: Snow White. DSM. Midas/Sunderland Empire (Danielle Nicholls, Susan Maughan)
2002: Abba Mania. CSM. International Artistes/West End Strand Theatre (SOS)
2002: Abba Mania. Tour Manager. UK Tour/International Artistes. (SOS, Abba Forever)

2001/2: Babes in the Wood. SM. Pantoni/Hull New Theatre (Little & Large)
2001: Beatle Mania. SM. UK Tour/International Artistes (Backbeat Beatles)
2001: Abba Mania. Tour Manager. UK Tour/International Artistes (Real Abba Gold, Chiquitita)
2000/1: Dick Whittington. CSM/bk. Duggie Chapman/Billingham Forum (Bobby Crush, The Patton Brothers)
2000: Billy Pearce. Ent Co-ordinator. Redrow Summer Ball. International Artistes.
2000: Abba Mania. CSM. UK Tour/International Artistes (Real Abba Gold)
1999/2000: Snow White. CSM/bk. Duggie Chapman/Billingham Forum (Timmy Mallet, Tricia Penrose)
1999: The Glass Menagerie. DSM. York Theatre Royal (Honor Blackman, Helen Grace)
1999: Women on the Verge of HRT Get Away. DSM. York Theatre Royal
1999: Comedy Bonanza '99. ASM/Wardrobe. E&B/Blackpool Grand (Cannon & Ball, Bucks Fizz, Frank Carson, Johnnie Casson, Roly Polys)
1998/9; Aladdin. DSM. Albermarle Montrose/Dartford Orchard (John Pickard, Cobra Gladiator)
1998: All Hands on Deck. SM. Blackpool North Pier (Joe Longthorne, Grumbleweeds)
1998: Lord Delfont Show. (SM for Joe Longthorne) Blackpool Winter Gardens
1998: The Joe Longthorne Show. DSM. International Artistes/Blackpool North Pier (+ Johnnie Casson, Stan Boardman, Paul Boardman)
1998: Brief Encounters on the Penistone Line. SM/bk. Theatre of the Wheel/Northern Spirit
1997/8: Cinderella. DSM. Montrose/Sunderland Empire. (John Pickard, Billy Fane, Cobra Gladiator)
1997: Lord Delfont Show. (SM for Paul Zerdin) Blackpool Winter Gardens (dir Jim Davidson)
1997: Paradise Show. SM. Blackpool Paradise Room (Bradley Walsh, Roy Walker, Paul Zerdin)
1997: Mystique. DSM. Blackpool Horseshoe (Richard De Vere & Schnorbitz)
1996/7: Babes in Wood. DSM.Montrose/Sunderland Empire (Ian Kelsey, Billy Fane, Vogue Gladiator)
1996: Gym & Tonic. SM. Hull Truck (Marcia Warren, dir John Godber)
1996: The Woman in Black. DSM. PW Productions/Hull Truck (Ian Lindsay)
1995/6: Jack & the Beanstalk. DSM. Montrose/Inverness Eden Court (Ross Davison, Matthew Lilley)
1995: The New Office Party. SM. Hull Truck (Susan Tully, Joanna Phillips-Lane, Zoe Lucker, dir John Godber)
1995: Dracula. SM. Hull Truck (Zoe Lucker, Russell Floyd, Steve Alvey)
1995: Passion Killers. CSM. Hull Truck/Edinburgh Fringe Assembly Rms (Charlotte Bellamy, Susan Cookson)
1995: Lonely Hearts. CSM. Hull Truck/Edin Fringe Assembly Rms (Nigel Betts, Tim Dantay)
1995: Lonely Hearts. SM. Hull Truck (Nigel Betts, Tim Dantay)
1995: Lucky Sods. SM. Hull Truck (Janet Dibley, Iain Rogerson, Nick Lane, dir John Godber)
1994/5: Snow White. DSM. Montrose/Inverness Eden Court (Rebekah Elmaloglou, Kate Copstick)
1994: The Gift. SM. Richmond Orange Tree (Geoffrey Leesley, Patricia Garwood) 
1994: Hayfever. DSM. Kent Rep/Hever Lakeside Theatre (Hal Dyer)
1994: The Taming of the Shrew. DSM. Kent Rep/Hever Lakeside Theatre
1994: Joan of Kent. SM. Great Escape Theatre Company/South East Tour
1993/4: Aladdin. ASM. Montrose/Leicester De Montfort Hall (Alfred Marks, Sean Maguire, Rebekah Elmaloglou, dir Duggie Squires)
1993: The Garden Venture (6 new operas). ASM.  Royal Opera/Hammersmith Studios
1991: Bouncers. LX Op. Hull Truck
1991: La Ronde. Production SM/bk. Joint Venture/Hull Truck

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